Testing First Steps

Had to stop all running and wait for instructions from the specialists. With a green light, now, what would be nearly 10 months since the injury, I am now trying “low impact, lower resistance” sports. I have tried cycling as ordered without any resistance, and only when I remembered to turn it off after 20mins, I was in pain, and I had to push through. I’ve since haven’t had the time due to workloads and being recently unwell with the winter cough.

I felt good today. I am fed up of being this large. It is the largest and heaviest I have been. Ever. I am used to a training weight of 52kg, and I am near 60kg. It’s not much to others or by the eye, but for me, I feel lethargic and just exhausted all the time feeling unfit. So today, feeling strong enough to go, ipod charged, and I went for a starter session in the gym. All good, much slower pace, I’ve ever done, but I was keep to just keep heart exercised from being inactive for so long. Some friends are doing the marathon or training for some races. I know I just need to listen to my body and take it easier. Aim for different goals. To remain fit and to make time for the gym.

In front of me I have the music channels on, and only now, for the first time, I notice their mid drifts and how mine used to be like that. lol. That could be a aim. To be tighter. yeah I think I shall aim for that perhaps. An alternative and slower build.

So I make 4k, which was about 30mins. Much slower as I said, but it still felt good and I kept it consistent to measure any signs of pain. None. Yey!


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