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IAAF/AL-BANK World Half Marathon Championships 13.1M | Copenhagen 29 Mar 2014

The 2014 IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships event is open to mass participation to internationals for the first time. A chance to run with the world elite on the streets of Copenhagen, to get the full experience of a World Championships.

The elite women and men will lead the race but the ambitious recreational runners will be right behind them when the starter pistol goes off.

Cutting-edge design infused with medieval fairytale charm is a city I have wanted to go and visit. Televised live by helicopters hovering over Christiansborg Castle, start and finish area. The world will have their eyes on the participants as they run 21.1 kilometres through the heart of Copenhagen. Only 25,000 mass participation places. And I’ve got one.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 23.26.19


– – – RACE DAY – – –

hmm. breakfast wasn’t my usual or much. Must be the Danish way, as last nights prefuelling didn’t quite go to plan either. The Danish seem to like their butter sauce and heavy vegetables and batter. seeded roll with cold cuts, cucumber, and then i added muselli with greek yoghurt. Since over coming my allergy with bananas i miss and wanted one. Good job I had packed some familiars, even though i would have died of embaressment if they checked my luggage! peanut butter bagel and Soreen mini loaf! haha.

Changed and trying to judge the weather. i had slept from the 6k walk to the expo! and travel in airports. But awoke twice at very early times. Peaceful and very dark at night, the suddenly blue skies and sunshine beaming in suddenly. oooh er a hot or a warm day… i have some photos, whosh i will need to add on here when offloaded.

Am i ready?

I would like my first PB. Yet the past week and half i have had work commitments. I feel fit, but not peak peak. hmmm. The Bath Half was good for my mind. The TomTom lads all chipping around pep talking me and setting up my new Runner watch lol, they have set me up ready for a PB. I will find the Blue balloon for pacing I think. I know where the start is. I just need to pace self right says BN, my physio. Return to my style of running. Interval is for training. It is also weird how it is late in the day due to the Elite runners. Televised and in all media. I feel young !! lol

I will do my best. Enjoy this amazing city. I have no idea how many races I jave done, but I am happy in life. I have choices. My nephews were great to see days ago.



16.03 / 13 days tg
Down with the flu from a poor colleague. Wasted weekend, that I had wanted to go for an outdoor run left for me to sleep off the whole sunny weekend. Unbelievable. With under two weeks to go, I am now beginning able to be excited for what is approaching. Am i worried. No. I know I can do the Half, now I have the Bathalf behind me. But wanting a PB for the first time is a niggling thought in my mind. Trying to fit in any decent focusing in my mind. The new gym isn’t quite what I had in mind. But it is en route (kinda) from the new work premises with a slight diversion. I hope to be better tomorrow, after staying in this weekend.

13.03 / 15 days tg
Post night of heavy drinking showing the team the places in the city, I knew how dehydrated I was feeling, let alone how my muscles would be. On way out, the staff made me feel better saying they can just about manage 5km!! I was doing great!

  • 5km 38mins (Awful. I felt so tired. Legs were so heavy!! Horrid no matter how much water I drank during it)

11.03 / 17 days tg
Second day at F4L gym. By time I had packed my stuff into the locker and popped back up, I grabbed an end treadmill. It was still rather warm. Something I’d need to get used to. With towel and water, I tried to feel more homley here. I was still buzzing from yesterday, and wanted to try aim for 10km daily runs. Don’t know how that would turn out. I was tired from a long day, but still I kept going.

  • 9.38km 60 mins (much tougher, but past 5km, i was fine)

10.03 / 18 days tg
First visit in Fitness4Less Towerhill. As soon as I found my bearings, went in down the sloped entrance, I could hear the machines whirling, to only see that it was rather small, and my heart disheartened, only by the comparison that went through my mind of my gym at home and that of Jubilee’s airy and brightness. All the machines were taken. I felt like turning back round, but was yet to give in after paid for two lots of 5x PayAsUGym. The changing rooms brightened up my mood, very clean and spacious. As if newly fitted. I couldn’t tell. There seemed to be some beauty services onsite as well. Noted.

First time since Bathalf, how would my legs react? I knew to take it easier. A machine emptied and I hopped on. Looking at the new dials and buttons, as I started, I sensed it was on different settings. Aha! I was set on US, miles and the pace was different. As soon as I figured out my pace, before you knew it, I had passed 7, then 8km! wow. At 60mins clock off, i came to 8.5km. Wow. I was not breathless, nor in pain. I was very very happy. I wondered if my body had been accustomed to the Bathalf Marathon? I was very pleased. I hadn’t brought my water or towel, but hopped on to the rower to slow down my rate, and was feeling good.

  • 8.5km 60mins (Ease with big smile on face)
  • 4mins Row 740 meters (My legs were jellified LOL)

09.03 / 19 days tg
Freelance premises have relocated to the City now with only weeks away from Copenhagen. Thought shall I find another gym? That would make it my third gym. Jubilee Hall in covent garden is so far away for me to lug my heavy bags there. With PayAsUGym, I did a search. I could go back to my old gym when I last was here, only they won’t be offering such a short period for me. Hmm. Found one which is en route home, or the other direction which is more premium and more about the trainers.



06.02 / 40 days tg – woohoo look at what arrived! dead excited.


Have to seriously use the Bath Half as motivation to get fit and get ready. I shall start the Bath Half blog, as i didn’t know i was to book into that first when I signed up the Copenhagen one.

03.02 / 43 days tg – had to write off training. Had brought in kit and was excited, new Chinese year, and instead within minutes I was burning up I had to write the day off and was crashed out in bed. I was shivering and just not in a good place.

01.02 / 45 days tg – oh my gosh. what is happening to my back?! Lower back again in pain. Could be the long duration at the desks and carrying my heavy device laptop bag as well as my gym kits. Hard to sleep. Need to lie on hard surface. Painful.

30.01 / 47 days tg – Another tough workout. uphill and run. Very pleased with self. Pushing and testing self #ReturningFrom77KM #WhatYouPutIn

  • 10km 85mins

28.01 / 49 days tg – spoke to my wee Granny. She always cracks me up. Sets me in a great mood for anything. Love her to bits

  • 8km

27.01 / 50 days tg – Set out to make 12k but didn’t quite, as soon as you stop… lol. But love this new going uphill…

  • 10km

26.01 / 51 days tg –

  • 8.77km

22.01 / 55 days tg – Even work can bleep me in between my run. Lol. Didn’t stop me finishing 8km. After long day, window allowed me to escape work to the gym only for work messages to bleep me just before 7km, replied and continued to 8km. Tough workout, could feel I need to pick up my diet habits again. Muscles fine. Breathing fine. Just similar to the 77km, not enough fuel in me. and I recognised it. Deadline madness preventing eating/sleeping properly  Still, I stayed on the darn machine for 70mins, whenever I was drained, I switched to uphill speed walking, that I had the gym-shakes during stretching. Lol #KeepPushing #NeverGiveUp#EveryStepGetsYouCloser #GlutesWokenUp #StiffTomorrow

  • 8 km 50mins

This was then proceeded with me walking out the gym falling flat onto the palms of my hands, right elbow and right shoulders and knee as i tried to protect myself from the fall but was holding the two massive rucksacks. I then was faced with a rather rude man who was using blue language at me for no such reason, barging into me. I have no idea what was more shocking for me for the rest of the evening. I hobbled home and rested to settle my mind before finishing off some work.

09.01 / xxx days tg – Easing self back in to training. It has been endless 0330amers back to back with this new freelance gig I’m booked on. I had taken this on before Christmas and through the festive period DURING my volunteering shifts at Crisis. Everyone is usually seeing the days blur together, but this would be immense to then finish up in the dark, trek home mentally and emotionally exhausted to then go home and start work mentally into the wee hours, no sleep and be back up in the dark for my next shift. So I was terribly excited and forced a gap in the workload, I was going to go to the Gym and do an easy one.

  • 8k 55 mins
  • row 858m 4 16mins

21.11 / 124 days tg –

  • 8.23 km 60mins

07.11 / 131 days tg –

  • 5.5 km 40mins
  • Rapid Row 17.5kg 3 x12
  • Seated Leg Curl 4 17.5kg 4 x12
  • Abdominal Curl 12.5kg 3 x12
  • Pressup 3 x12
  • Squats 3 x12

28.10 / 141 days tg – Stepping up a change, now 2nd week out of work, I decide after a week’s intention, to over come the fear and I enter the pool. First time using the Speedo Ellite PullKick Foam. The Irish Olympian and Paralympian coaches had suggested it for recovery from injury and a great source of strengthening, with resistance. It’s been more than two years since I took the overcoming fear lessons.

  • 18 lengths wfloat legs
    (difficulty: shortness of breath. Need to remember Immense lessons taught to overcome anxiety in the water. Legs easily tired. Wow.)
  • 4 lengths striding resistance

Speedo Elite Pullkick FoamScreen Shot 2013-10-31 at 13.31.33
Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 13.31.23

17.10 / 162 days tg – So frustrated. I had sat on the tube for over an hour wanting to get to the gym for a good warm up and ended half hour late for my session!! growl! PT DS was still as keen and made me work hard.

  • 8am Muay Thai Boxing session

15.10 / 164 days tg – Better form. Wanting to get this energy out of my system. Better strides. breathing good. Just the lack of certainty at work was something I need to form in my mind and be prepared for.

  • 6km
  • SeatedLegsCurl

14.10 / 165 days tg – work tremendously busy, yet we are being informed tonight that we may not have our jobs. That it could be all of us, each of us, but they are needing to have a look at the London office. Great. Instinctively, i took the next call, and I spoke to a headhunter about possible brief. My freelance head had to be on, as I walked into the gym. I was to take control again.

  • 7pm Muay Thai Boxing session
    (difficulty: great session. My shins were left in pain and pretty bruised. Haha. My press ups were better. I guess i had a lot on my mind. We practiced Axe Kicks, Spinning back kick and Spinning side kicks. Wow. Going back in time!) I then wanted to do some more as i had work on my mind.
  • 5km
    (difficulty: a relaxed run as I wanted to focus and channel my thoughts on the transitions going on at work.

03.10 / 176 days tg –  work getting busy. Hardly any time to self. Feel so tired.

  • 8am Muay Thai Boxing session
    (difficulty: its odd how sometimes I am so shattered yet I’m more energetic inside. Strange that. The time off due to work, has actually allowed my ankle and legs and whatever injuries to behave noticeably) I’m wanting to improve my game so I can do real press ups.

27.09 / 182 days tg –  I had double booked my Friday, at same time been at evening meets and work, I needed to get in some mileage. So with some switching around plans, I then was happy to go and do my own thing and head off to the gym.

  •  5km
    (difficulty: tiring week, i was just happy to have my legs in motion and nothing too major, was nice to have the Friday atmosphere in the gym)

24.09 / 185 days tg –  After a very hectic day at work, but a positive one, I was excited and keen to get to train again.

  • 8km 50mins
    (difficulty: great run. The achy feeling came back exactly at same distance at 4.70km, coincidentally. Then suddenly at 5km, the aches stopped as I increased pace and then sailing through to 8km. The arch of my left ankle started to feel different so 8km was a good place to stop and I know to ease into it. If not I’ve no doubt my friends are all on my case. Lol)

23.09 / 186 days tg –  FIRST day back into training. Great feeling to be back in the Gym. I was excited to pack my familiar kit in the morning to test my legs since the 77KM Thames Path Challenge. I knew to take it a day at a time. Everyone has been concerned and wondering if its too early for me. It’s only been about 7-8 days, and I have simply rested…. well okay admittedly, I’ve avoided my sneakers, but haven’t had much sleep since, with working till 2am and 3ams back to back and then up early again, consecutively  Not good I know. The body needs to crash I can feel it. Projects were due for the 20th, so I’ve been able to simply sleep the past Friday, Saturday and Sunday at home. Deliberately declining social invites to stay in, before doing further damage. 

  • 5km
    (difficulty: 4.7km doing great then feeling tightening at slower paces, and decided sensibly to get off happily at 5k. Had promised to go back in gently. Listening to you guys and also to my body.)


– – – MAP COURSE – – –

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 23.05.27 Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 23.05.40 

I had landed my place a month prior to the Thames Path Challenge. It was something that had gut feeling. I always choose my races because of what I want to see. I have to be inspired as i go round. What a better way to see Copenhagen! I’m planning to see this amazing city as I pound the streets. I also am wanting to try and catch up with good friend EC over there who is from there, and he wants to take me for celebration dinner. Lol. So will be able to be shown the sights, how my legs will be will be another matter. Better to think about logistics closer to the time haha. So I’ve the accommodation. Will just need to get the flights closer to the time. 
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