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BANK OF SCOTLAND Great Scottish Run 13.1M | Scotland 05 Oct 2014

Have to do one that is near Grampa and Granny naturally! Unsure if Granny can make it by then, but will be nice to have her know I am close by in Scotland’s biggest running event televised live on the BBC.






26.08 / 40 days tg – Home Gym. Feeling spritely in a long while. The day after bank holiday weekend. 

  • Run 7.09km 62mins
    (difficulty: Started off lightly and was an easy jog. Then past 30mins was happy back running again at a slow pace. Could feel the tiredness and shock to body, but the addiction was beginning when you find yourself in the zone)
  • Pull Ups 20kg 12 x 3
    (difficulty: Yes. Fine)
  • Julien’s Abs Set
    (difficulty: o.m.g. I certainly felt the weeks I’ve been naughty and missing out training. Gruelling, but i slowed down to make sure I worked out. Must try harder)
  • Mini Press – Ups
    (difficulty: Fine)

20.08 / 46 days tg – Home Gym

  • Row 3437m 20mins
    (difficulty: Was fine)
  • Bike 5km 20mins
    (difficulty: God I hate this still)

Signed self up for Maggie’s 15Mile / 24KM Night Crawl. Which I shan’t put as a race as it is a mix of stopping off for culture and raising money. 

23.07 / 74 days to go – Home gym

  • Run 5.3km 36mins
    (difficulty: )
  • Row 2666m 15mins
  • Bike 4mins
  • Pectoral 10kg 10 x 3
  • Pullups 20kg 15 x 3


21.07 / 76 days to go – Home gym


  • Run 4.13km 30mins
    (difficulty: A great run)
  • Row 1756m 10mins

08.07 / 69 days tg –  Jubilee Hall. Great work meet this morning. Fab 20mins row and a very tired and terrible 35min speedwalk/run. But great to think on the move.  

  • Run 3.8km 30mins
    (difficulty: )
  • Row 3468m 20mins

05.07 / 73 days tg –  Day out to Dover Castle.   

  • Walk 8-12km

04.07 / 74 days tg –  Home Gym  

  • Run 2.96km 20mins
    (difficulty: I was so tired from night before. not good)
  • Row 3514m 20 mins
  • Cycle 10km 20mins
    (difficulty: must admit getting teeny easier but still dislike it)
  • Run 10mins
  • Pectoral 10kg 3×15
  • Julien’s abs set 15mins

02.07 / 76 days tg –  Home Gym  

  • Row 3487m 20 mins
  • Cycle 4.24km 10mins
    (difficulty: tiring day)
  • Pullies 20kg 3×15
  • Pectoral 10kg 3×15
  • Julien’s abs set 15mins

30.06 / 79 days tg –  Jubilee Hall gym. Gatecrashed PT Julien doing his abs in the morning, it was really good to be able to work out together as I followed his instructions and as he spotted me. Know I’m going to feel it! Great mood, after picking up my MacBook Pro and also purchase of the long awaited Ultimate Ears boom speakers.   

  • Julien’s abs set 20mins
  • Row 3521m 20 mins
  • Cycle 7.36km 20mins
    (difficulty: )

27.06 / 82 days tg –  Jubilee Hall. Coming back from having dropped off my MacBook Pro in a positive mood.   

  • Row 3645m 20 mins
  • Cycle 7.46km 20mins
    (difficulty: )
  • Speed Walk 5.5k 40mins
  • Rapid Row 17.5kg 3×12
  • Seated Leg Curl 30kg 1×12
  • Abdominal Crunches 15kg 3 x12
  • Pressups 3×12
  • Squats 3×12

26.06 / 83 days tg –  Home Gym. Right. Got to get self into shape. When I mean shape, I mean toned. I feel sluggish and lethargic since finishing the large freelance project and then having the break of my friend’s wedding in Crete. A well deserved rest. Yet I was feeling not myself, and my friends reminded me of a routine and to get back into my fitness. I decided to mix up my session, and do what i DISLIKE the most, which is the dreaded bike! I start off with rowing, which i love and then hopped on the bike. I felt by changing the routine instead of my usual pounding on the treadmill or outdoors in the park, it was nice to keep the heart pumping, but wake up different muscle groups once again.   

  • Row 3537m 20 mins
    (difficulty – brilliant. Love the rower. Was nice to just work my arms as well. Getting off. my hips were in question, but nothing more a stretch couldn’t fix)
  • Cycle 8.49km 20mins
    (difficulty: growl. how do you do it cyclists? found it hard to keep interested)

04.06 / 105 days tg –  Jubilee Hall.   

  • Run 10km 70 mins
    (difficulty – annoying guy kept texting me, which was distracting and also needed me to slow down and completely ruin my training)

– – – MAP COURSE – – –


Starting in George Square in the heart of the city centre. Runners cross the Clyde twice using the Kingston Bridge and Clyde Arc. From the city centre streets to the peace of Pollok Park – every mile is different with the final mile and the finish at Glasgow Green only a short walk from the start line.

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