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CANCER RESEARCH UK – Thames Path Challenge 100K | London 14-15 Sept 2013

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 16.19.28

100km Putney to Henley

A tough 24 hour endurance walk or Ultra Marathon run.
Through the day and night.
Steeped in history and surrounded by beautiful scenery, that’s why I want to take this on.



I’d like to raise awareness for when I take on challenges, and a personal family choice has to be Cancer Research UK
If you wish to sponsor me during this tough weekend, visit http://www.justgiving.com/JenRG




(45 days later)

Do I regret anything? No. Was I happy with what I have achieved? I am now.
It took me just about a month, for the TPC to crop up in a conversation and I didn’t hesitate, but was proud of what I set out to achieve and what I accomplished. Each time someone asked me, I was set in tears. It is indescribable. I know it’s taken me this long to blog. But it has taken me that long to keep head forward and chin up and to keep going. With friends and colleagues having backed me and motivated me every bit of training, i was not there to fail. I was not there to let people down and they were the tears I shed. Yes I’m not afraid to admit it online on this post or on my social updates. I felt I had let down many people. My friend who was a paramedic at the event said that in her judgement she would not have let me continue for the sake of furthering my injury. So the choice I had to make, on my own, shivering in the dark, cold, and wet, alone in the woods and empty fields, was one of the hardest. The hardest as is it against everything I train for. To at least get over that finishing line. Thoughts of my PT trainer DS, saying my mind is ahead of my body at the moment, with its injury and being strapped up and having only been back in training for x amount. The strangest feeling where I wanted to continue and place one foot in front of another, but my body couldnt.  I was in immense pain and my eyes welled up at the thought of pulling out at this event.



Looking back, I learn from what mistakes I did. I took this on as a half marathon viewer. I could not get round my head why people were sitting down for stops and actual sit down meals! I was known to keep going incase my legs would freeze and not want to restart again, if you stopped. I ran out of fuel at 63km. I could feel it. My body was just suddenly very over tired and couldn’t use so much effort to move. What was going on? I felt like i was in slow motion. I had run low on my kick supplies i had carried and slowly fed on as I went round in moments of pick me ups. I even didn’t feel the need to go to the toilet luckily. I only stopped at the quarter marks, where I changed my socks for dry ones at 50km, and at 25km, and grabbed a peach to run with. Others were actually stopping for massages, blister rescues which i could understand if you need it, you need it, but i couldn’t identify people queuing up for hot food. I had taken a lunch token, at at the 50km, i looked but i just couldnt stomach the idea of hot food in me, swishing about as I ran! I would throw up!

At 63km, it was pitch black, i started to slow down, and needed to stretch out every possible place i could. As I was cold and wet, and pitch black, each time I paused to stretch, i knew i found it a strenuous to get back going again. This chap encouraged me to keep going yet I didnt want to hold him back. I waved him to go on when I saw sight of a mid point  tent, all i wanted was some kinda of sandwich or something. But when I got there, it was a mid point not a proper stop, so supplies were limited to more sweet stuff and bars. I was sick of seeing them. I opted for a large satsuma and a hot cuppa tea to try and move my joints. I felt so stiff as I sat, knowing I couldnt get back up. I had to start thinking survival and tactics. I knew to keep moving as now it was getting dangerous black. The marshalls didn’t want me on my own. I was okay. I switched back on my head torch and away I set off in the cold. I could see my breathe in front of me. There was no path. It was actual fields. No sense of direction as you waded through the tall grasses in hope of the next glow stick. I then saw the river, well i couldnt see it, but could hear and sense it beside me. One false step and you could easily fall in. My thoughts went out to Becca’s comment not fall in.  At this point my phone had to be switched off for safety emergency.

When I got stuck at 72KM, i knew i couldnt move. I had found a female passer and she said she was in pain. Together we encouraged another one and at 72KM, i couldn’t something inside me needed to pause. Something wasn’t right. We were wet and cold, and she wanted to give up I told her to carry on. I found a place to pause and i reached into my pocket with mu numb fingers and switched my phone on. It was red bar, one single red bar. I texted my paramedic friend my location, what I could see, I remember passing a petrol station, the river was to the right of me, I was in what looked like a fountain in a park, after a roundabout. I could see perhaps a hotel? I couldnt move. She knew that if “JEN HAD CONTACTED HER, SOMETHING WAS WRONG” and I tried dialling her, she said to if i could, to get myself to her, as where she could give me proper help and asssistance, if i couldnt, its okay and that she would get people to me. I said i would try. I was rooted to where i paused. I switched off the phone, to save more batt. All i had to do was get to 75KM. Little did i know and she warned me she was a little but after 75KM. But i knew i had to get up and moving. My muscles now stopped, had gone cold and that was bad.


When I finally got to 77KM, I saw her face come out and greet me and I collapsed with tearful eyes of what I had gone through. Even at 76KM, the girl wanted to give up as we all wondered WHERE IS IT!! haha, it was pitch black. my mind was fine, but i was seriously unable to move each step and each leg.

Inside, I was shivering, wet, and my sweat and wet layers now turned freezing cold within seconds. They had to cover me with blanket, and i just wanted my dry clothes….. which was now in my dry bag, to be collected at the finishing line!! I was then explained that the after 77KM was complete rural, where no vehicles could get to people, and it was another 18KM. So i had to weigh in my mind if i could get past that if i needed help. My body was crying out no. It was the hardest thing to decide as I sat there. Apparently so many others had given up as well. It was not dawning past midnight. I had been going on since 0830. in the wet and darkness. And hardly any food. It is about tactics. My other buddies had finished at 4 in the morning. I could never do that. So much of it is in the pitch darkness. I had heard others were trying to gain as much distance as they could in daylight. Which is what i wanted to do.

I had heard of the wall at 60KM during warm up. My god!! why do people say these things!! haha, but instead I passed 60KM fine and not a problem. It hit me at 63, not a body ache wall, but a out of fuel resistance, with everything in slow motion.

The next 72hrs, I couldnt face reading comments on my wall. I felt i had let people down. I was set out to raise for 100KM and I had 22Km to go. People say that 77Km is slightly just under two full marathons!! and that I should be proud of. I was so upset. I needed to accept what happened and what I had accomplished. I had everyone being so supportive.

At work when I hobbled in, i could barely walk, at a snails pace and granny hobbling! I was tearful as they expected faces all looked up and i was fortunate that Becca had given the heads up. Then in the evening as i headed off to my Pure Sports Med, even the reception and Brad was there asking me after hearing how it all went and it set me off. They said it happens as so much emotion is put in this and effort. It would take time.. physically, emotionally and mentally…


I never thought it would endure so much out of me. But I never give up so as 45 days on, as I look back, I feel I can look back and learn and face forwards and say HEY! I’m a half marathoner and I achieved just under two full marathons even with strapped injuries. … will I stop running?? no way!! … .






Thank you everyone. Truly. Together we have raised a fantastic amount for Cancer Research which I hold close to me effecting family friends and we are there to do all know how and that is to reach out and raise awareness. I completed, or I should now say, achieved 77KM of The Thames Path Challenge 2013, of which I have never taken on more than a half marathon 21KM and through torrential rain, September cold, and add in the lunacy of over night running in the pitch dark to avoid falling in The Thames – we made it. Thank you for everyone’s support. 45 days on, and I have updated my athlete’s thoughts blog here, and i keep this to keep me motivated, to pick myself up and to keep on going.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.38.23

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.39.09 Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.39.26 Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.39.38 Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.39.53 Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.40.08

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.32.16

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.32.07

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.31.53

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.30.22

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.30.09

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.30.00


(target time 15 hrs – 33 hrs)

From Eddie’s pictures. Rescued by Paramedic Crisis buddy Eddi Newick. Eddie wanted to still capture the fact I achieved much more. Unable to move, I thank her incredible professionalism. Slowly coming to terms the emotional endurance that’s taken hold of me. Thank you everyone for your messages. I’m needing my own space, going through every scene, step, bridge, fields, participants, pain, thoughts and trying to accept I did accomplish something, which is awareness for Cancer Research, 77km may not be 100km, but it is just under two marathons (84km), and the physical endurance of 0830 through to 2330 was something new. Eddie laughs how I’m still smiling as she knows me for, even though inside I know I feel differently. xxx


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.26.46

JenRG’s 100KM summary:
00km -25KM was interval running in 3hrs30mins. No rest, picked up Peach.
25km -50KM was interval running in 3hrs 30mins. No rest, switched socks. 
50KM – 75KM resulted in over 6hours, you could tell something was up after 63km, I passed “The 60km Wall” fine. At 71km I had to contact Eddie something was up. And had to get self out to safety check-in point, struggling at 77km (50miles) and had the horrible decision to make. 

Started at 0830. Rain, Caked in mud, Puddles obstacle course with steep bridges, up down flights of steps, and dodging cyclists, cars, cobbled paths and branches, which is a killer for momentum, I made the mistake of a Half Marathoner of not wanting to stop, and the concept of resting, eating was bizarre. To run was friendlier on my injured ankle. But i was soon at 63KM just out of fuel, I lost my bounce and it was getting pitch black. With only my head torch, now on my own I had to move fast out of the woods, and off the fields, the extreme narrow paths, as quick as, where you only are guided by the odd occasional glow stick and nothing else. It certainly is a challenge.

I was speed walking minimal at 6.5km/h. The average is 3km/h. The rate I was going I was going to complete it in 15 hours. That would have been a great first timer said experienced others. Despite my ending, I did enjoy the first 50km (63km) very much so. People i passed laughed with me, and so when they started seeing me around 70km, they were surprised to see me something wrong. I will be okay, i need to have my own headspace, i feel i let down you guys and being sponsored etc. I need some own time and will rain check tomorrow’s drinks, I wouldn’t feel right

Thank you Kevin O’hareAndy Law – Even as far as I completed, it means a lot to me and especially Cancer Research.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.24.45

The very many comments I had about my jacket, which I was completely unaware, being the one wearing it, that I could safely be seen wearing it a mile away and didnt need a head torch by others! lol. Nike, was £200, I saw it by chance online at £70, got to bag it for when I do night running in the park i thought as this one has a hood. Good job I did!!


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.49.25

It suddenly got very dark. Not even amusing. You could NOT see a thing, let a long some sign telling you which direction to go or how far things were. I was completely awake and alert, at least my insomnia was good for something. But now my legs were feigning and I was exhausted. My legs felt SO tight. I had to keep stopping to stretch them so they couldnt freeze up any further. It the started to rain again… .Cold and wet and dark…


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.48.47

Still going strong I remember as we had more steps to climb and run up!! haha. Legs fine. Day was dry now, ground very wet, so going up the steps I had to be careful from the slippery moss.
Such beautiful sights that you don’t get to see when you have your head immersed in day to day rush hour and in your phones. Just taking in the fresh air and surroundings is amazing to urge you to go on. At this point i was running strong, and happy i was passed the 50km!! woohooo!!!
Paths were extremely slippery alongside the main motorways. Where was everyone??


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.48.21

I certainly felt the support as friends were also sharing my event on social sites.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.47.27

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.47.02

Noise of traffic ahead, as your eyes peel open for the signs to show you which direction to take. So many angles, lines, symmetry and just artistry around us.


Wow. This has to be taken. Noone was around, as I paused from my running, and I had to capture this. This signified my race. This was what it was about. Truly British. The new changes, New beginnings and crossing a challenge.


WHAT THE!! Certainly brought back amusing memories of the Gherkin Challenge! haha. Some people stopped, and held the rail, which I remembered to keep pumping arms, and to exert strength horizontally and to keep momentum. We were crossing bridges, dodging traffic, escaping construction site, avoiding baby push chairs and weekend shoppers, craziness!!


The various markers you had to look out, was bit of a challenge like a treasure hunt.


if i knew it would be this far, id send postcards. Hanging in there. 6hrs15 and stil going.
Plan to pause at 50k mark


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.46.30

Think everyone stopped here to take a picture. Everyone is great spirits despite the rain and everyone was feeling great. I had to join in the fun and snap one too! woohoo!!

legs stil intact


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.44.57

Despite the rain, and my thoughts going back to John’s commentary of what sights i shall pass by, the houses and properties were breath taking! Each time I saw one, the next was was larger, bigger, wider and just more grander! I was definitely out of central London. I wanted to see sights and more of London, I definitely was. I was kind of therapeutic. I was on my own, i had moved away from the group and spotted someone ahead I could use as a pace maker… .till he suddenly dived into the bushes!! haha. There were only one other gentlemen ahead, and two behind me with an umbrella. we soon realised we were using each other as pace makers! haha how funny is that!


With the rain now pounding down, I seriously was feeling I had entered into some assort course! Tough Mudder! Pah! This was like leaping over reservoirs! Thing was each time I manoeuvred round, to avoid wet shoes for the next twenty hours, my ankle twinged. I had to listen carefully to my body throughout.


After the very amusing warm up, it started to rain. !! I soon discovered, there was NO path to The Thames Path! Lol. Everyone was in a varied mix of speeds. It was very hard to spot who I should be with. At first I just needed to warm up my joints and prepare in my mind what I am facing and what I am set out to do.


I already met and began to make some friends. It was so early in the morning, yet so much happening as the sprinters had such an early start ahead. The organisation was very well done. Plenty of signage, friendly faces, and helpful people in the morning, as I picked up my race pack, my lanyard with the code ID they need to scan in at the check points. I was very confused with what I should leave behind in the dry clothes bag and what should be in my marathoner pack.

I then heard my name being hollered, as i spun round i saw the guys from the night pre training walk!! haha! that did light up my day. They were for the later start, and they said if i felt it, i could slow down and join them! awww.  It was quite chilly, wet air as I say down and tried to refuel, stay focused, check all my devices and my pack.


Get behind me by SPONSORING for Cancer Research of my 100KM event The Thames Path Challenge From PUTNEY to (Where?!!) HENLEY ON THAMES. You know the URL by now on my wall xx


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.36.36


(target time 15 hrs – 33 hrs)

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.35.46

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.34.11

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 16.33.36



12 hours to go: Packing and preparing mentally what I need and staying focused. Rounding up sponsoring reminders. It is CHUCKING it down outside. Great. haha. It ALWAYS rains on all my events, but a half marathon is different to the duration of wet sneakers and drenched through for that long! Popped to shop quickly to get milk for porridge ready, so tomorrow all i have to do is think about getting there and not worry over other things. Garmin, pod, phone all charging. Ankle? gosh, i don’t even want to think about it. The Voltorol is certainly working, but I know not to rely on it. Only taken on, and its very strong. Will save for tomorrow if in pain. Work is very very supportive and they are wonderful. It all helps. Everyone’s advice, messages and support. They have no idea, but every thought and message goes through my mind.

3 days tg – Appointment with my Physio Pure Med Sports.  By now, my ankle was even hurting just walking and not even just going down steps. What is going on. Alarmed inside but calm on the outside. Physio DT consulted me and filmed me running. When asked to try balancing on single foot then hopping, i was in SO MUCH AGONY. Never before. I was very worried.


5 days tg –

  • 9K good solid run. A lot on my mind to empty.
    (difficulty: Ankle is feeling rather painful. Don’t know what’s up)
  • Muay Thai (Late 60mins)
    (difficulty:  )

8 days tg – Thoughts:
Reading up final instructions for the event. It’s coming fast. Left ankle is misbehaving. Won’t be training but need the rest. Following the schedule training plan is one thing for others, but coordinating it against your busy work life, is another. Thinking whether i need accommodation or not. It is hard to know what time I’d complete the event. I’d like to think I can do it under 30hours. But would not be upset if my body is screaming at me that this is impossible. It is the furthest I have challenged myself. I know when this has past, I will be able to relax a bit and change up my training for my Copenhagen fitness and focus on my PTing of Muay Thai. I have planned a gathering for drinks after race, and have set a limit of what time I expect to get my ass back over to home again.

9 days tg – Completely shattered from a long week at work and various current issues has left me very tired that I arrived without my usual warm up run. PT DS was surprised that I was late, and not early as I usually am and laughed when he saw me. In effect my tiredness left me to having a really good workout, as i was not overly focused and was able to relax more and combinations started to come into me naturally. Hips much more in sync with my punches and breathing. I knew my ankle was niggling, and i was mindful of it. Feels good and at same time, remembering it’s only my 3rd session.

  • Muay Thai (Early 60mins)
    (difficulty:  Much slower pace, but was better for me to focus on technique)
  • Speed walk 15mins GRADIENT 8.5%

10 days tg – Complete stressful day at work and various personal reasons.

  • Speed walk 90mins Interval with gradient 9%

12 days tg – Excited and eager for training tonight. Will be doing some mileage before my PT Muay Thai. Will be different to do it after a run. As opposed to last time. Just now popped over to get 30mins physio in for my left calf. It’s still playing up, feeling the pain when I go up and down stairs.

“Muscles all strong and fit, and not a problem to run.  Definitely a athlete runner’s posture, striking the heel first. Checked my glutes as she said it often comes from there, injuries and the way it needs to support my stride. Glutes immensely strong and presents a wide range of motion, very flexible, which impressed her. Left confirms very tight, not the calf, but the fish shaped muscle that is very tight. Painful as expected. Fine to run, just keep eye on it and continue as you are, and not to over do it.” – Physio

  • 7.7KM 55mins
    (difficulty: I just needed to vent out my day. Pounded with much great speed and strength. Felt very good and glad I went for my physio)
  • Muay Thai (Evening 45mins)
    (wheezing at the later 15mins. Not good. Need to train my breathing, as muscles are fit)

15 days tg – OMG. woken up to leave house at 0700hrs for my 0800hrs PT of Muay Thai with PT DS. My first 45 mins with him. Hee hee. Excited, I warmed up on the tread, with a speed walk for 15mins as I waited for him to be ready. DS was good to check on technique and as the first lesson, it’s always good to find and read each other what suits one another. He’s keen on me getting combos right, hips into it, and not worry about power or about speed. Just about breathing, not too focused etc.

  • Muay Thai (Early 45mins)
    (difficulty: need to remember to breathe! Feeling the difference of the 8-9 years gone..!)
  • Speed walk 30mins

16 days tg – Feeling shattered after the past week pitching at work. But Feeling great back to to working out. Can’t believe this challenge is only round the corner!

  • 8.5 KM
    (difficulty: Good Interval Run)
  • 2KM Uphill running

21 days tg – Updating this blog. Days running out. It’s been so exhausting with pitch going on day and night for the past two weeks.

32 days tg – Real top run. No interruptions. Feeling great til stepped off to stop, ouch. PT DS to the rescue with stretching and hilarious vibrating-thingy-plate that helps the muscles and energy.
I’m missing my Muay Thai days… (watch this space)  with only weeks till the 100km challenge. Get donating!

  • 13km
    (difficulty: Real solid run)

34 days tg – Ooh.. work has been so busy and stressful with negotiations and usual deadlines. I went to Flatford Mill, in Suffolk, the Constable Country to see the beautiful sights the painter John Constable was inspired for. Complete trail, footpaths and country fields, we covered from 0930 to 1700

  • Over 6miles (precise figure and route covered by my friend’s phone)
    Flatford Mill – Deham

38 days tg – Shattered. Been a very long day with 2hr conference calls.

  • 12.2k Interval running
  • abdominal crunches 15kg – 12R x3
  • Seated leg curls 15kg – 15R x3

39 days tg – Definitely feeling the difference since injury of nine months no activity. It proves muscle’s memory and the base level we all build up. NO EXCUSES.

  • 7.8km
  • Interval Rowing – A KILLER!
  • Sped walked and talked further 1.5km – A real challenge for the lungs and exercising the heart.

43 days tg

  • 7.6km run. Much better pace 10.6 to 11.3
    (difficulty: injured side started pain and had to stop. Frustrated.)
  • abdominal crunches 15kg – 12R x3
  • row 7.2 mins 1385m

45 days tg – Argghh. What’s happened? Neck muscles really in pain somehow. Must have been yesterday’s abs class. After the first set,  I felt not to strain my neck, so placed hands side of head each rep. It was nonstop circuit of reps, with no breaks. But surely.. the neck??! Never even knew these muscles existed! At least mini abs feeling the workout

46 days tg – Been bitten on sole of my left foot. Ouch. Feels like a rock in my shoe when walking. Was wondering how it would effect my run, but I lifted my foot in striding and was in a much better pace, stronger and giving a better time:

  • 12km 1hr 15mins indoors
    (difficulty: Much stronger, was even able to look around so often and still have mind on each part of my leg muscles moving and breathing technique)

Surprisingly needed to increase weights! Good grief. My body must be making and feeling the difference to be back in training. It’s now been three and half weeks I think.

  • abdominal crunches 15kg – 15R x3
  • Seated leg curls 10kg – 15R x3
  • Hip abductors 17.5Kg – 15R x3
  • Hip adductors 17.5Kg – 15R x3
  • Midrow 20Kg – 12R x3

Now-familiar gym PTs then cheekily asked me, wanting me help fill their abs class. Exhausted!! haha. I asked for some advice on for training for the 100KM, and he said you’re doing resistance and need to add inendurance, so to try adding in squats. I shuddered as it reminded me of old times of circuit training! But he said it needn’t be circuit, but as part of reps.

I also now am a joined member of the UK Fitness Network part of the Jubilee Hall Trust Gym. Woohoo!

49 days tg I decided to walk home from work, with a loaded rucksack and in my training shoes. What was hard was overcoming the rush hour of people, that you can’t really move or make any progress. Markets shutting down, the heat, and tourist shoppers not being mindful of you trying to get through. Only the 2nd part getting into the City, I was able to pick up speed.

  • 11.1km 1hr 20mins outdoors
    (difficulty: 25degree heat. In my normal work attire. With heavy rucksack. Not good. But fun to try)

50 days tg –

  • 11k gradient 4
    (difficulty: terrible)
  • Row 5mins

52 days tg – Think I had a compliment when said they thought I was some professional or olympian trainer the way I was so focused and as I went on and on and they tried to pace me lol.

  • 9.5K
    (difficulty: much stronger run since the 6hr weekend distance. with resistance to follow. Body feels more toned, and defined. Happy with.)

55 – 54 days tg PRE-TRAINING 20MILER/32KM NIGHT TOWER HILL 2330 – RICHMOND 0600.

  • 32KM / 20Miles. 6hrs 10mins. Trail Outdoors
    (difficulty: Finishing destination reached 06.10am Much different type of endurance than half marathons and as other triathlons agreed. Weary journey home for me. Others had came from Gatwick, Cambridge, Hove, just for this Night PreTraining. So much to carry for 32km. We had from what others were saying, been going much faster than 3.5KM/H and were going about 5KM/H or 6KM/H I think I heard by various people’s watches and devices. Some people had very painful blisters, whilst I had my training shoes, than walking boots, and had my anti-blister socks.)
  • “Signpost BARNES.. 20miler nearly done. Lots of tired legs and feet”
  • “3hrs, half way time expected..legs all good so far 18k covered..at least my insomnia is good for thing!”

I had my morning sports physio appointment to sort out my legs and my right shoulder. I was way tight and I am now covered in bruises and in positive pain as the tension was moved and to circulate and stimulate movement again.

I then had to dash over to Watford to pick up my Camelbak Hydrapak, after a poor mishap yesterday with Evans Cycles. It certainly wasn’t something I needed the night before. 20Miles/32KM would be the furthest I have done. I needed to use this as what it was intended which is to work out conditions, get a feel of part of the distance and how to pack for such a long duration…. I had no idea…!


The temperature is still within the current heatwave we are experiencing during the day reaching 32degrees and 35 next week.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 19.48.16

57 days tg – I have ordered my Camelbak HydraPak, ready for Saturday’s pre-training. Hope it arrives in time. I’m taking time off from gym today. I realise that after 9months inactivity, I’ve over done it with sudden activity and my body is like WHOAA. In pain, and I checked out my physios. Booked in for Saturday early for them to try and rid of the tightness and knots in my legs.

58 days tg – Worse session ever. Fuelled up. Check. Kit Check. Hydrated Check. Mind. Check. Enthusiasm. Check.

  • Rowing 10mins 1866M

But my leg muscles were now so tight, I could barely run at my lighter starting pace. It upset me. I tried to speed walk. Pain. I then tried to change the gradient speed walking. I managed to

  • 2.4k 20mins indoors
    (difficulty: Really painful. Front shins, Back of calves. Horrible, I had to stop)

I went over to stretch out to see if that made a difference. I did some

  • Abdominal Crunches 15kg
    15R x3
  • Pec Fly 10kg
    15R x3

I was so frustrated that I was determined to try one more time, and with the sadness and through the pain I couldn’t run, but did

  • 1.8k 15mins with gradient indoors
    (difficulty: Immense pain. Concentrated on breathing and use of arms on gradient)

Upset, head hung low, I showered and was in deep thought. I felt I let myself down. I wanted to go home and just be by self. I was even hurting as I walked home.

59 days tg – I had been to a festival over the weekend during the heatwave and we had been on our feet all day in the intense heat. I was too shattered to train my usual Monday start of  the week. So today I was definitely going. Feeling the buzz fo sure… After 15mins, sailed through:

  • 12k 1hr 20mins with gradient indoors
    (difficulty: Brilliant. Easy. Intense interval running.) 
  • Abdominal Crunches 15kg
    15R x3
  • Seated Leg Curl 15kg
    15R x 4
  • Pec Fly 10kg
    12R x3
  • Hip Abductor 15kg
    15R x 3
  • Hip Adductor 15kg
    15R x 3

Feeling mighty good and was full of energy as I pushed self. It was strange getting past that 15 mins, and next thing I know I was watching the KMs clock up fast as I remembered posture, breathing and concentrating my movements and the pull to use the core muscles within. Since having the 9months off inactive after injury, I now sound and sense check how my body is reacting and how I am feeling. I had my birthday Asics GT on this time, incase my shins were aching from my trainers being old. I can feel that addiction coming back, as I love spending my time taking care of myself, and just that buzz afterwards…

63 days tg – Researching into my list of equipment I will need. I need a hydration pack.

64 days tg – Brought in my brand new Asics that I treated with the Sweaty Betty vouchers for my birthday. Yet to be worn, they could help with the shins, but noted the research I did that told me I should rest them. Hmmm.

65 days tg – Hmm. A Wednesday. I never really train on a mid day, but I was trying to make up for the fact Monday I was at my nephew’s 1month celebration. I felt good, but my legs or my shins felt like they were telling me no. Unhappy shins. I paid attention to stop at 5k, when I tried running through them.

  • 5k 29mins with gradient indoors
    (difficulty: shins hurt. resulted in interval running. Mentally there. But long day at work) 
  • Abdominal Crunches 15kg
    12R x3
  • Mid Row 20kg
    12R x2
  • Seated Leg Curl 15kg
    15R x 4
  • Cross Trainer
    5 Mins

66 days tg – I was exhausted before I went. I felt ready, but very tired. I didn’t think I could make 5K. Colleague said to go and do what I can and I went and gave it my best shot

  • 9k 59mins indoors
    (difficulty: exhausted but surprised when i passed 7k and then was determined )
  • Abdominal Crunches 15kg
    15R x 3
  • Pec Fly 10kg
    12R x 3
  • Seat Leg Curl 10kg
    15R x 3
  • Hip Abductor 15kg
    15R x 3
  • Hip Adductor 15kg
    15R x 3
  • Lateral Pull Down 26.6kg
    15R x 3
    Then finished off with
  • Rowing 5mins 935M

73 days tg -The head torch I ordered to be sent to the nearest store so I could compare models, arrived. Consideration on light jogging, rather than the models suited for mountaineering and climbing, I went for the Silva Trail Runner over the Silva Trail Runner Plus. Both were kept at sale and discount price for me, as I had gotten to know the gentleman Jarek at the store. I learnt about spread, distance, brightness and the weight of each type, to suit the activity. When it is for safety, things have to be considered than throwing money after things just to get a cheaper bargain. I’ve learnt that safety like good shoes that protect, will be the more longer laster and better purchase at times if you are able to afford the luxury.

I was feeling quite tired despite feeling very enthusiastic to get to the gym. Legs could only make it to

  • 6.8k 42mins indoors
    (difficulty: tiring during interval training. Feeling something not right in hips again. 
  • Abdominal Crunches 15kg
    10R x3
  • Pec Fly 15kg
    10R x1
  • Pec Fly 10kg
    10R x2
  • Mid Row 20kg
    15R x2

I decided to hit the resistance weights after my legs were simply too tired.  Rather be sensible to not do too much straight away after so many tough consecutive sessions pushing body. I’m really loving the abdominal crunches. lol. Legs feeling tighter, and certainly my shoulders and tummy. Weighing heavier haha.

photo (1)

74 days tg – Hmm. Not quite the training session I planned:

  • 9.5k 59mins indoors (passed 7k this time in 43mins)
    (difficulty: strong strides, much faster pace, sailed through with more ease)
  • Abdominal Crunches 15kg
    10R x3
  • Pec Fly 15kg
    10R x2
  • Pec Fly 10kg
    10R x1
  • Mid Row 20kg
    10R x2
  • Shoulder Press 17kg
    10R x2
  • Shoulder Press 17kg
    5R x1
  • Lat Pull Down 26.6kg
    15R x3

75 days tg – Reading up on the TPC training manuals, the TPC itinerary of the weekend of what is to happen, and being aware of the equipment list.

78 days tg – I’m starving! Been non stop eating! Looking at the participant’s area and downloading any useful resources, I see this.. interesting.

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 16.28.59

I know everyone’s training varies and hours are limited. Still, a good resource to check what is expected. I may try one of their pre-walks and see how enduring it could be. Today I had my 2nd day of my 3 free day passes and I had a PT booked to show me around this gym’s resistance machines, as each gym has slight variation and I like to be safe. I got to the gym later, and could only squeeze in a short run before I was due.

  • 4.8K 30mins indoors
    (legs were quite tired, it’s good tomorrow I shall be going out and not over doing it. Its been a shock to the body. Legs tired from consecutive days)

I was then shown all the machines and it was great. What was amusing was not only did the PT instructor end up doing what most of my PT friends do, which is then see that I can actually lift weights and bump up the resistance and get me on harder levels, pushing my body and fibbing, to keep me going. lol. The second amusing thing was that only as I left, I only then realised that he had a striking resemblance to world championship boxer Oscar de la Hoya!!  Trust me to have my bubble head focused in what I was doing and learning the abdominal crunches machines….. #Doh

79 days to go – Managed to wangle a Free 3-day pass to Jubilee Hall. 2nd day back in and I feel revved up from last night’s workout. Many more people, but striding in, feeling most gyms are my second home I knew there would be a machine free after I come out and not have any worries. I’ve been tempted looking and finding new races, but one, must check finances if I am wanting to begin save again, and second, I want to just focus on doing well at the Thames Path Challenge and get this out the way, so my aim is to simply build up level of fitness. Weighing in 60kg. Heaviest I’ve been, I’ve never been happier when this morning I went for my follow up at the hospital regarding my hip and I’ve been given the green light to resume my training and been discharged, if any pain resurfaces, I’m to get in touch and call The Royal London again. Noticed familiar faces in the gym. Haha. It’s been a while, but I certainly feel the same buzz… and I heart my LifeVenture Soft Fibre Trek Towel !! Super dried me in seconds!! Highly recommended.

  • 7km 45mins indoors
    (difficulty: not breathless. shoulder back muscles warmed up during day from yesterday)

80 days to go – Using PayAsUGym to kick start my routine again. Putting partying, raving, going out back to back aside, miss the feeling of feeling a general sense of being at my peak. Jubilee Hall Gym, near work is ideal for me. Local to work, where I am raring to go and rid of any stress I may have had and not feel bad with how long I spend on the machines. Light, spacious and airy, the Jubilee Hall gym has much natural light constantly beaming through, with its high ceilings, and open space feel, it’s better than other stuffy tight and dark gyms.

  • 7.3km under 50mins indoors
    (difficulty: not breathless)

81 days to go – Chest pains from yesterday’s Up The Gherkin Challenge.

  • A vertical race of 1,037 steps.



Starts near to Putney Bridge, and then through leafy Kew and Richmond, passing the Royal palace of Hampton Court, and onwards to Henley on Thames. The route is mainly on the path, crossing locks and rivers heading west towards the finish line atRemenham Farm (home to the famous Henley Regatta) – where a celebration awaits on the banks of the River Thames throughout the Sunday.

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 16.09.56

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