Hello and thank you for taking the time to follow my training and thoughts.

I transferred my blog here, so do bare with me as I find my way around and hopefully personalise this as I go along.

A little background, I have been around sports and games from a young age. If not with a pencil in hand drawing, I would be outside throwing a Frisbee, playing rounders, on the BMX, or badminton over the garden fence. Self motivated to succeed as a team having fun, then later, challenging my own limits and pursuing to perfecting techniques. I feel rather glum when told to rest or when injured and limited to being a spectator on the bench. My work hours limit any chance of taking up classes or having a fixed routine, so I turned to running whenever I can, fitting it around my life, even when I get away for a break, my sneakers come with me.

I am glad I have been able to love running and also give worthy causes more awareness through races. Hope my words help motivate or encourage others to give it their all in everything you put your mind to.


  • Running
  • Bag work
  • Core routine
  • Rower


  • Boxing training / sparring
  • Circuit training
  • Running
  • Fencing

1999 – 2007 (8 years)

  • Muay Thai training / sparring / grading
  • Kick Boxing training
  • Running
  • Spinning

1991 – 1998 (7 years)

  • Woodford Ashton Athletics club
  • 200m hurdles
  • 400m and 800m sprint
  • Basketball tournaments
  • Sports clubs – involved with Hockey, Javelin, Women’s Rugby, Cricket, Rounders matches
Thank you for taking the time to follow my training and thoughts x

Thank you for taking the time to follow my training and thoughts x


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